Digi About


Digifactory develops content management and eCommerce software for more than 17 years for companies of all sizes and industries.
We collaborate with our customers to find the best solutions for them, by immersing themselves in as many challenges as crafts encountered, from the simple online shop or corporate site, to tourist booking, printing Customized dresses, sale of private concerts, building lists of school supplies and much more ... we have developed and accumulated a strong experience in eCommerce, CRM and the web in general.


During these years of eclectic projects, we have developed many tools and modules to facilitate life and increase the productivity of our customers.
Acquired in 2006, EventsOnline has enriched our knowledge in CRM and events.

The DigiFactory 3 platform is the culmination of these 17 years of experience. We continue to improve our tools, innovate to offer you the best product. Invent new ergonomics to help you in your work, make your daily life easier.

Our platform is designed to meet the eBusiness challenges of small and medium-sized businesses and to support their growth. In the Cloud, also called SaaS, DigiFactory 3 brings together all of your web site management, e-Commerce, CRM, Emailing, project management and event management needs. The flexible and scalable architecture, the numerous modules and connectors make it possible to minimize the costs, to adapt to the constraints of the companies and to develop the activity with serenity.

Create your smart eBusiness, tailored to your business, and especially focused on your customers, their comfort, their desires!