Create extremely personalised newsletters and emails with DigiFactory 3. Include marketing rules in your emails and create a one2one relationship with your existing and future customers. Target your recipients to maximise the impact of your communications and monitor the marketing pressure. Track customer activity in terms of opened emails, clicks, basket and sales, then retarget your customers according to their interests.

For a long time, Internet users have been besieged by too many emails, spam, newsletters and more, without counting the many and varied online ads. They are so bombarded that any additional email is initially considered in a negative light. Having said this, emails remain a simple, cost-effective means of communicating and getting information to your customers.

Keep recipients interested by sending targeted, personalised information. Construct emails with a pleasant, attractive design, rich and clear content, and added value. Define elements with content that can be adapted to the recipient's profile. Integrate personalisation modules, even to communicate about products in which the recipient has already shown an interest, or offer advice on the use, maintenance, etc. of products already ordered. Target your emails very accurately using rules based on the contact’s profile and activity. Monitor opened emails, clicks, products added to baskets, and use this information for high-precision retargeting.

Check marketing pressure to limit the number of emails sent to a customer over a week or month, in terms of email campaigns, newsletters, automatic emails or CRM rules.