Project management

A highly useful solution to complement our other software components to expand your information system and work even more effectively together. Whether it is for a one-off project, the management of a marketing campaign or a team working together to win a contract, DigiFactory 3 incorporates traditional tools such as scheduling, planning, distributing the workload and Gantt charts.

Whether your projects are internal, for customers or undertaken with partners, from a simple task to a vast project, use DigiFactory 3 to collaborate effectively and monitor in real time the progress, workload of team members and the budget, directly related to the purchases and costs of your colleagues.

In just a few clicks, break down your projects into a multitude of tasks that are hierarchically structured for a better estimate of the total time and human resources budget. Visualise the necessary timeframe and optimise it using an interactive Gantt chart.

Use project management in your marketing campaigns to prepare your events or win a contract. Integration with our other software components (CRM, events, purchasing) makes it the ideal project management solution, bringing together not just your project and R&D teams but also the marketing, communications and sales departments.

Open your projects to external colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners, with access limited to the projects and tasks relevant to them, either in view-only mode or as a participant.