It's easy to manage your online store with our comprehensive, intuitive, multi-channel solution DigiFactory 3: product catalogs, prices, targeted promotions, inventory, sales, after-sales, purchasing & reordering, a powerful search engine, multiple filters, marketing tools and many functionalities... Create a customised order process suited to your business and your customers.
E-commerce is about more than simply publishing a catalogue with a shopping basket. It’s a whole new experience for the user, from their first contact with the brand to receipt of their goods, including visiting a sales outlet, talking to the call centre and much more.
The customer is at the heart of your strategy with DigiFactory 3: we offer them a quality service at every stage.

Its wide, practical coverage and ergonomic features offer you complete and independent management. At last, combine real and virtual through multichannel, multi-location sales management: multi-lingual CMS, sales management, reordering, control panels, import/export, BPM, etc...

Offer your customers a unique, simple experience focused on their needs, their way of viewing the site, their need for mobility and instant results. Respond to your customers’ needs with a comprehensive buying process suited to your business, with in-depth management of availability and delivery schedules.
Attract new customers with the many marketing tools available: affiliation programmes, SEO, SEM and catalogue distribution. Generate loyalty using targeted special offers and a powerful search engine.